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Frequently Asked Questions

Is alacritty faster than other terminals?

In various benchmarked terminals, Alacritty has shown to be either faster, or way faster than others. Alacritty requires no additional setup, but still allows configuration of many aspects of the terminal. It supports Windows, macOS, Linux and BSD.

Why is alacritty so fast?

With such a strong focus on simplicity and performance, Alacritty’s included features are very carefully considered, ensuring that it remains blazingly fast. It’s got a GPU for rendering that makes a whole lot of optimizations possible.

Is SourceForge affiliated with alacritty?

SourceForge is not affiliated with Alacritty. For more information, see the SourceForge Open Source Mirror Directory . Alacritty is the fastest open source terminal emulator there is. How is it the fastest?

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