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Frequently Asked Questions

What does albumin stand for?

To check for kidney disease, health care providers use a blood test that checks how well your kidneys are filtering your blood, called GFR. GFR stands for glomerular filtration rate. a urine test to check for albumin. Albumin is a protein that can pass into the urine when the kidneys are damaged.

Which foods are high in albumin?

Because albumin is a protein, foods that contain protein are different types of meat products, milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, beans and certain grains.

What is the main function of albumin?

In addition to its role in maintaining fluid balance, albumin also acts as a transport vessel. The albumin in your blood moves the mineral calcium, the hormone progesterone and medicines throughout your tissues. Albumin also moves bilirubin, a yellow pigment and bile byproduct created in the liver, throughout your body.

When to administer albumin?

Albumin (Human) 20% should be given during labor or delivery only if necessary. It is not known whether this drug is excreted in human milk. Albumin (Human) 20% should be given to nursing mothers only if necessary.

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