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Frequently Asked Questions

Is alcohol illegal on all Indian reservations?

In the early 19th century, Indian agents employed by the federal government actually enforced a ban on alcohol on reservations, on the theory that Indians would be more productive workers if they were sober. But then nearby settlers realized they could make a lot of money selling liquor to the Indians and the rules were loosened.

What is life like on an Indian Reservation?

What is life like on an Indian reservation? Quality of Life on Reservations is Extremely Poor. Waiting lists for spaces are years long, and such a wait doesn’t guarantee adequate housing.

How can you live on an Indian Reservation?

Yes, you can live on an Indian reservation normally by marrying in to the family or a tribal employee.

Do American Indians have to live on reservations?

Despite a common assumption not all the American Indians live in reservations. Actually the American Indians living outside the reservations make up the vast majority: between 64% and 85% of the American Indians do not live in one of the reservations or Indian communities in the USA but in rural areas or in big cities.

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