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Frequently Asked Questions

What was the result of the Anahuac standoff?

The Anahuac standoff occurred as a result of uprising of settlers in and around Anahuac, Texas in 1832. The people were able to resolve their differences peacefully. The battle of Velasco was fought between 25 and 26 of June, 1832. It was the first true militarily fight between Mexico and settlers in Texas.

Who was involved in the Anahuac Disturbances of 1832?

William B. Travis played a key role in the Anahuac Disturbances of 1832. Frank W. Johnson commanded Texan forces during the 1832 Battle of Anahuac. The Anahuac Disturbances were uprisings of settlers in and around Anahuac, Texas in 1832 and 1835 which helped to precipitate the Texas Revolution.

What happened on June 10 in the Battle of Anahuac?

On June 10, the insurgents occupied buildings in northern Anahuac. Bradburn worried that the armed men wanted to do more than free the American prisoners; he suspected a full-scale revolt. Bradburn had Travis and Jack tied to the ground with weapons pointed at them.

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