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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular animal on Animal Jam?

Wolf is currently and have always been the most popular animal in the Animal Jam Game. The wolf was one of the 6 original animals togheter whit tiger, koala, rabbit(bunny), Monkey (Now Endangered) and Panda. The wolves are much known for the animals that have the most clans and packs.

What are some other games like Animal Jam?

Roblox is one of those games like Animal Jam which gives a 3D experience to the users. It is a complete family game and is like a never ending quest. There are different activities in games which can be done like building, crafting, resource collection, combat and exploration.

How do you create Animal Jam?

Follow these steps to create your own Animal Jam player account and start having lots of fun in Jamaa: - Visit the Animal Jam homepage. - Click on the Play Now button in the center of the screen. - Click the Create An Animal button on the left. - Choose which animal you would like to be, then click the Next button.

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