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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy a real Ferret?

As of August 2014, it is possible to purchase ferrets online from a variety of local breeders and pet stores throughout the country, including and The majority of nationwide chain stores, such as Petco, offer the animals for in-store purchase only.

Where to adopt a ferret?

Adopt a Ferret. If you are interested in adding a ferret to your household, there are several places you can turn. You can purchase a ferret from a pet store, from a breeder, or from an existing owner, such as through a newspaper. Or you can choose to adopt a ferret from your local shelter.

How do you buy a ferret?

Purchasing Your Pet Find a pet store that sells ferrets which are spayed and neutered. Most ferrets cost about $100 from a store or private seller. Inspect the animal’s health. Before handing over your money and taking your ferret home, check to make sure that you are buying a healthy ferret.

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