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Frequently Asked Questions

What animals are related to a lion?

Lions are carnivores, a subgroup of mammals that also includes animals such as bears, dogs, raccoons, mustelids, civets, hyenas, and the aardwolf. Lions' closest living relatives are jaguars, followed by leopards and tigers.

What other animals live with Lions?

Nearly all wild lions live in sub-Saharan Africa, but one small population of Asiatic lions exists in India's Gir Forest. Asiatic lions and African lions are subspecies of the same species. Asiatic lions once prowled from the Middle East to India. Now, only a fraction of these magnificent animals survive in the wild.

What animal would eat a lion?

Lions eat zebras, wildebeest, antelopes and other large grassland animals. Asiatic lions feed on small or large animals, including buffaloes, goats, nilgai, sambhar and chital. Lions prefer scavenging over hunting, and over half of a lion's diet consists of scavenged foods.

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