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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Apple really protect an user's privacy?

Apple has a pretty solid track record of protecting iCloud data, so the vast majority of users will never have their privacy infringed upon, but as long as the iCloud Loophole exists, the possibility is there. For the average consumer, purchasing an iPhone or Mac over an Android or PC will provide you with better privacy features than not.

Is privacy really iPhone?

How iPhone Privacy Works Apple's rigid approach to iPhone privacy is reassuring, providing you with the tools you need to monitor exactly what your apps know about you. At any point, you can disable an app's access to your location, camera, microphone, and other potentially sensitive bits of information. Apps are always asking for permission.

Is Apple Card a credit card?

Apple Card is Apple's own credit card. Launched in August 2019, this credit card is the first of its kind: run by a tech company. It's worth noting straight away that Apple Card is only available in the US. The credit card is fully integrated in Apple's ecosystem, so it works flawlessly with existing Apple services and apps.

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