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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Taiwan flag on the iPhone emoji keyboard?

The flag for Taiwan (officially Republic of China ), which may show as the letters TW on some platforms. This Taiwanese flag is hidden from the emoji keyboard on iOS devices when the region is set to China mainland or (as of iOS 13.1.2) Hong Kong or Macau.

Why is the Chinese flag emoji not showing on my iPhone?

Chinese-model iPhones will not display this emoji and will instead show a missing character tofu (☒) in place of the flag, as will iOS devices with region set to China mainland. Hong Kong and Macua only hide this emoji from the emoji keyboard.

Why can't I use the ROC Taiwan flag on my iPhone?

Because of Taiwan’s political status, the People’s Republic of China considers any mention of or allusion to its independence as an offense against its sovereignty. Apple’s region lock of ROC Taiwan flag extended beyond CN devices to HK and Macau’s in the iOS/iPadOS 13.1.1 rollout.

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