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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after offer letter and appointment letter?

The appointment letter is followed after the offer letter if the candidate has confirmed that s/he would like to accept the job and then this appointment letter is given. This letter helps the employee’s new position and the work preparation and also the employment contract between the company and the hired person.

What is the meaning of appointment letter?

Appointment letter says from which date you can start working for the company. After offer letter, there will be background checks and other verifications and formalities done. Only after successful completion you are eligible for joining.

What is offers offer letter?

Offer letter is the first step to get an employee on board and to express the interest of the company in hiring the candidate. It is only after the candidate accepts the offer letter that the appointment letter is sent to him or her. The purpose of the same is to provide more detail about the position and company to the candidate.

Do you have to send the appointment letter before joining?

However, technically, the appointment letter (or employment contract) should be sent before joining. It’s a legally binding letter prepared by a company to confirm that a position has been offered to an individual and the acceptance of terms and conditions between both parties.

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