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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the tax brackets in Arizona?

Arizona has five marginal tax brackets, ranging from 2.59% (the lowest Arizona tax bracket) to 4.54% (the highest Arizona tax bracket). Each marginal rate only applies to earnings within the applicable marginal tax bracket . In Arizona, different tax brackets are applicable to different filing types.

Does AZ tax Social Security?

Arizona does not tax Social Security retirement benefits. The state does, however, tax other types of retirement income, like distributions from an IRA or a 401(k). Arizona’s property taxes are relatively low but sales taxes are fairly high. This calculator reflects the changes under the 2018 Trump Tax Plan.

What is AZ tax withholding?

Arizona Withholding Tax. What is Arizona Withholding Tax? Withholding tax is the amount of employee’s pay withheld by the employer and sent directly to the government as partial payment of state income tax. The amount of withholding tax depends on employee’s income. The Arizona state income tax is between 2.59%-4.54%.

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