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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best classroom supplies to buy?

16 Best-Seller Classroom Art Supplies. 1 Crayola Classpack Basics. Cover the arts and crafts needs of a whole classroom with these great value Classpacks from Crayola. 2 Glue Sticks & Bottles. 3 Construction & Craft Paper. 4 Scissors. 5 Classroom Art Supply Storage.

What supplies do I need to make an art project?

White school glue; Pencils; Erasers; Pencil sharpeners; 6″ x 9″ hard plastic trays; Plastic 6-well paint trays; Recycled containers for water and paint (coffee cans, plastic pints, etc) ADDITIONAL ART SUPPLY LIST. Sponges on handles and scrapers for painted paper projects “Glitter” Tissue Paper; Metallic Pastels (gold and silver a must!)

What is included in the art supplies PDF?

The PDF contains descriptions on why and how I use some of the art supplies. Quick links and checklists are included for easy reference. My list of art supplies: Includes links and brands for paints, paper, colored pencils and pastels.

What are the best art materials for preschool and kindergarten?

The ultimate list of art materials for preschool and kindergarten. 1 Solid paint tempera sticks. 6 pack 12 pack 24 pack 96 pack. 2 Other paints. 3 Crayola drawing tools. 4 Pencil grips. 5 Paper. Ultimate art paper Cardstock Construction paper Tissue paper. More items

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