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Frequently Asked Questions

What is impact investing?

This investment approach is known as impact investing. [2] It is popular in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, where social and economic challenges present investors with unique opportunities to invest in companies and organisations that create positive impact while generating financial return. [3]

Is impact investment growing in Asia?

In contrast, Asia accounts for only around 9% of Impact investment managers. However, Impact investment as a theme is likely to grow rapidly in Asia, in line with rising wealth levels. Just in recent weeks we have seen two big announcements in this regard.

Is Asia lagging in impact investing?

Interestingly, and perhaps a bit surprising given developmental needs in the region, Asia has not just lagged in Impact investing, but has also been lagging as a recipient of Impact-themed investments.

Is Southeast Asia a good destination for impact investment?

First, there is a growing interest in Southeast Asia as a destination for global Impact investment flows. India has traditionally been the mainstay for inward Impact investment. But increasingly global Impact investors are moving further east. Second, in Asia, Impact investors have traditionally focused on debt investments.

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