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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy Sol (Sol) on atomic wallet?

However, you currently cannot buy SOL directly through Atomic Wallet, so you’ll either need to purchase tokens elsewhere and send them directly to the platform or exchange an alternative crypto asset with SOL through the app.

What is the annual ROI for staking Solana on atomic wallet?

The annual ROI for staking Solana on Atomic is 7% for a minimum of 90 days. For unstaking Solana (SOL) on Atomic wallet, you have to wait one full epoch (1 epoch lasts around 2 days). After the unstake period your funds will be unlocked and available for free transfer

What is sol (sol) crypto?

Interestingly, SOL is now one of the 13 crypto assets that can be ‘staked’ through Atomic Wallet. This refers to the process of temporarily ‘locking up’ and leveraging specific tokens to act as a validator within a decentralised network, with a view to guaranteeing the security and integrity of individual transactions.

What is the atomic wallet?

The wallet is suited to crypto investors of all experiences and provides a simple, safe, and convenient means to store digital assets. Besides staking from the wallet, users can also purchase new crypto because Atomic wallet uses a built-in exchange feature.

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