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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Barbies fun to play with?

There are endless fun possibilities when it comes to playing with Barbies. If you need ideas for activities, consider doing things like creating a beach for Barbie, pretending she's a doctor to help sick patients, or hosting a fashion show to show off all of her clothing.

How do you play Barbie?

Take Barbie to the beach by playing in a sandy spot. Use an outdoor sandbox, sandy section of your yard, or build your own beach by pouring sand into a plastic tub indoors. Let Barbie relax on a towel under a beach umbrella in the sand while she reads a book or talks to a friend.

What is the Barbie Game?

Barbie is a multi-platform video game developed by Imagineering for Hi Tech Expressions. It is based on Mattel Inc.'s doll of the same name and was created in an attempt to get more girls to play video games.

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