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Frequently Asked Questions

What does आधारित mean in Hindi?

BASED MEANING IN HINDI - EXACT MATCHES based बेस्ड / बसेडी / बसद BASED = आधारित [ pr. { Adharit } ] (Verb) Usage : AisleRiot provides a rule - based solitaire card engine that allows many different games to be played.

What does based on mean?

BASED ON = आधारित [ pr. { Adharit } ] (Noun) Usage : It is based on that. being derived from (often followed by `on or `upon); "a film based on a best-selling novel" having a basis; often used as combining terms; "a soundly based argument"; "a computer- based system"; "well-founded suspicions" Loading Sentence usage for based ...

Where does based come from?

Based comes from the slang basehead, a term from the 1980s to describe people addicted to freebasing cocaine, a method which makes the drug smokable. The term basehead became synonymous with the crack epidemic that swept the United States at the time.

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