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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name basilar mean?

What Does Basilar Mean In Latin? Base is a location that is connected to the city. The basilar artery supplies blood to the brain. The scrabble name was basilary (/b**s**l**r** ****, -s**lr**). According to C16, bassile pelvis of Medieval Latin is similar to the pelvis of New Latin basilaris, derived from Latin basis. ...

What does basilar mean?

basilar, basilary adjective. of or relating to or located at the base "the basilar membrane of the cochlea"

What is basilar in listenig to the lungs?

Basilar atelectasis is the name offered to the condition, where either a part of the lung or the whole lung collapses due to a barrier. This condition impacts both the left and right lungs. It can be chronic or acute, preventing the breathing exchange of oxygen and dioxide. Due to the fact that of the collapsing of the lungs, another condition ...

What does basilar infiltrate mean?

What does basilar infiltrate mean? â Basilarâ means the trunk or bottom of the lung (s). An infiltrate is the filling of airspaces with: Fluid, such as water or lymph. Inflammatory substances, such as pus, white cells, or proteins. Cells, such as tumor cells, red blood cells, or a hemorrhage. In a word, basilar infiltrate is a medical term ...

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