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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basics of cricket batting?

Here are a few more cricket batting basics for every batsman out there: 1. Focus As mentioned above, the focus is everything a batsman needs to hit the ball. 2. Decision Decide on which shot to hit and where after the ball is left from the bowler’s hand. Once you see the ball coming towards you, look at its speed and the pitch.

How do you practice batting?

Practice batting by yourself with a tennis ball. Throw a tennis ball down on the ground and hit it after it bounces. This will emulate a full pitch, or a pitch that lands right in front of you, and will help you practice swinging if you don't have anyone to practice with. [12] Keep your dominant hand on the bat if you are practicing alone.

How to hit the ball in cricket?

Hitting the Ball Tap the bat on the guard line. Tapping the bat on the ground will give the bowler the sign that you’re ready to hit. Step forward with your lead foot and bring the bat back. Swing the bat back so that it comes up to your back shoulder and is pointed straight in the air. Keep your eye on the ball.

How to practice cricket against a wall?

To practice against a wall, you need a cricket bat, a flat wall, a relatively flat surface to bat on, and a tennis ball or a wind ball. Optionally, you can practice in front of the cricket stumps along with a partner. How to Practice Batting against a Wall? This drill is quite simple, and basically requires no more than a bat and a ball.

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