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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Northern Ireland Protocol and how does it work?

The Northern Ireland Protocol is at the centre of a dispute between the UK and the EU. How hot is it where you are? Compare the temperature in your area to other locations in the UK and around the world. BBC News NI looks at the key moments around Northern Ireland's long-debated abortion laws. How does power-sharing work in Northern Ireland?

How will the Brexit bill affect the Northern Ireland economy?

However, Alliance MP Stephen Farry said the bill would bring "major consequences" and "create chaos in many sectors of the Northern Ireland economy", while shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Peter Kyle said it would create "huge uncertainty".

How many people in Northern Ireland will receive compensation payments?

About 100 people in Northern Ireland affected by the scandal will receive a compensation payment. What challenges will the new PM expect in NI? There may be a relatively small number of votes but the challenges in NI are among the most complex.

Should the DUP return to the Northern Ireland Executive?

Minister of State for NI Conor Burns says there is no reason the DUP should not return to the executive. Sinn Féin's Conor Murphy was speaking after party leaders met with the head of the civil service. Will there be a new Northern Ireland Secretary? If the next prime minister sticks to convention, we could expect a fresh face in the coming weeks.

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