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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign in to watch the BBC?

You now need to sign in to watch. It's quick & easy. And we'll keep you signed in. Why sign in to the BBC? Ros Atkins On... Ros Atkins looks at the pressure mounting on Boris Johnson over a party held in May 2020.

How do I contact BBC News?

Email us at [email protected] Send an SMS or MMS to +44 7624 800100. Follow Have Your Say on Twitter. Why you can trust BBC News

Which broadcasters have been fined by the BBC?

Earlier on, the BBC said "the story is overwhelmingly in the public interest" and that "it stands by its journalism". The other broadcasters fined include TelCom Satellite Limited (TSTV), NTA-Startimes Limited and Trust Television Network (Trust TV). All outlets have until the 30 August to pay the fine.

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