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Frequently Asked Questions

What are BD Vacutainer plastic tubes?

BD Vacutainer plastic tubes offer a safe method of blood collection and reduce the potential for tube breakage and specimen spillage, thereby reducing the potential for exposure to bloodborne pathogens. BD provides a full offering of Vacutainer ® blood collection tubes in both glass and plastic.

What is the best blood tube for Serums?

Hospitals trust BD as the world’s leading distributor of blood tubes. They created the BD Vacutainer to be among the most trusted tube for measuring blood serums. Each tube is silicone coated to activate blood clotting, allowing you to isolate the liquid part of the blood that contains hormones, electrolytes, proteins, lipids and so forth.

How does A Vacutainer work?

It is made of rubber and seals the Vacutainer tightly from inside and with a plastic shield to avoid contact with blood when un-stopped. The shield prevents blood from splattering and from collecting on the edge of the tube or lid. This minimizes risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens protecting the professional doing their job.

What is a shield Vacutainer tube?

Identical to the conventional glass and plastic BD Vacutainer tubes, except for the additional safety feature of a protective shield over the rubber stopper Shield design is engineered to protect lab personnel from direct contact with blood on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube, as well as from blood splattering upon opening the tube

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