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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bench sale?

A 'Bench Marketer' or 'Bench Sales Recruiter' is a Sales, Account or Recruiting person at a staffing company that is responsible for marketing that company's 'bench' of consultants, that are not working on projects. They find requirements, propose their candidates and place them on projects with Clients or Tier 1 Staffing agencies in the US.

What is a storage bench?

Benches & Settees Guide. A storage bench is the ideal piece of furniture for a living room, entryway, or bedroom that could use some extra storage space. These benches have a hinged top that opens up to reveal an empty area where you can store blankets, throw pillows, shoes, and any other items you like to keep on hand.

What is table bench?

About the Table Bench. The Table Bench comes with matching wooden toes and with or without edges in matte polished brass. Furthermore, the Table Bench is available with a foldable, padded cushion in fabric or leather.

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