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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bender's real name in fry's world?

Lauren Tom (speaking like Amy Wong) (The Sting) Bender Bending Rodríguez, (born September 4, 2996), designated Bending Unit 22, and commonly known as Bender, is a bending unit created by a division of MomCorp in Tijuana, Mexico, and his serial number is 2716057. His mugshot id number is 01473. He is Fry's best friend.

What is the first episode of Futurama?

The pilot episode of Futurama, written by Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, first aired on March 28, 1999. The episode sees pizza delivery boy Fry cryogenically frozen, emerging in the year 2999 in the city of New New York where he meets Leela and Bender and begins to search for his only living relative, Professor Farnsworth.

How old is Bender from Bender's anatomy?

Although Bender's body was made in 2996, making him 4 years old, his head is an additional 1055 years old because it was buried in the ground for centuries after traveling back in time. He has also traveled back in time many times and waited until the present day many times with the Time Sphere, adding millions of years onto his age.

Is 'Futurama' getting fatigue?

Futurama’s eighth season is the first time that the series begins to show signs of fatigue, but it's impressive that it still happens much later than when The Simpsons struggles in this regard.

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