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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Lora in Arduino?

Open your Arduino IDE and copy the following code. This sketch is based on an example from the LoRa library. It transmits messages every 10 seconds using LoRa. It sends a “hello” followed by a number that is incremented in every message. Let’s take a quick look at the code. It starts by including the needed libraries.

What is Lora® on Arduino MKR Wan 1300?

The Arduino MKR WAN 1300 has a LoRa® module called Murata CMWX1ZZABZ. LoRaWAN® can be defined as the networking protocol used in an Low-Power, Wide-Area networks (LPWAN). The architecture of the network consists of different gateways that relay messages from low-power devices over long ranges, to central network servers.

What is the UART Lora module?

Today we will learn about the UART LoRa Module that can be used with any microcontroller using only 4 pins. The Lora Module RYLR890/RYLR896 communicates up to the range of 10-15Km. It is designed using the best noise reduction technology.

What is the power consumption of the Lora module?

The LoRa Module can be easily interfaced with Arduino Board, ESP8266, ESP32, or STM32 Microcontrollers. The power consumption of the module is very low about 43mA during transmission & 16.5mA during receiving. Putting the module to sleep mode further reduces the power to 0.5uA.

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