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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a privacy credit card?

The Privacy card is a virtual credit card that you can use as a paying token with online retailers. Although a Privacy credit card has all the essential features of a real credit card that enable online transactions, it is a one-time payment method that does not disclose your data to merchants.

Can I use my regular credit card rewards on privacy?

This means that you won’t be able to receive any rewards on your regular credit card regardless of how much money you spend on your Privacy virtual card. For some people, credit card rewards are a big deal because they save quite a lot by using them.

What is the best credit card for good credit?

The best credit card for good credit is the Citi Double Cash card because of its generous flat-rate rewards and low cost. The Double Cash Card has a $0 annual fee and gives a total of 2% cash back in rewards on all purchases, making it about 2X as rewarding as the average cash back credit card in 2021.

Does privacyprivacy offer fake virtual credit cards?

Privacy does not offer fake VCCs, but you can generate them yourself by using a virtual credit card generator. The fake virtual card looks like a real card, and it will pass a verification test from the merchant. Since it has no funding source attached to it, you can be certain that your money is safe from theft.

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