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Frequently Asked Questions

What cocktails can I make with vodka?

Vodka is an ideal base for light fruit flavors and no cocktail plays this up as well as the cosmopolitan. It is that pretty-in-pink, fruity cocktail made with vodka, cranberry and lime juices, and a high-end orange liqueur. Affectionately called the "cosmo," you can make this cocktail to suit your own taste.

What is the best drink with vodka?

Cosmopolitan is one of the best drinks made with vodka. In a cocktail glass pour the vodka and coffee liqueur over ice cubes. Fill it with light cream, and serve. For a vodka martini, take a cocktail shaker, add vodka and vermouth and several cubes of ice.

What drinks have vodka in them?

Vodka Drinks. There are many other vodka based drinks as well including: Black Russian, Vodka Martini, Mudslide, Harvey Wallbanger, Kamikaze, Long Island Iced Tea, Vodka Sunrise and a number of shooters like Orgasm and Sex on the Beach. Vodka has a rich history. The Polish and the Russians both lay claim to its discovery.

What is the most popular vodka drink?

Popular well drinks include gin and tonic, rum and coke, screwdriver, tequila sunrise, Tom Collins, bay breeze and vodka tonic. Other well drinks are the Manhattan, salty dog, vodka Shirley Temple and vodka sunrise. Some bars may also offer a daiquiri, bloody mary, pina colada and amaretto sour; however,...

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