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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of background noise?

Click your cursor at the beginning of the background noise area, then, still holding the mouse button, drag the cursor to the right to highlight. Release the mouse button to stop highlighting. Go to the "Effect" menu and click "Noise Removal.". On the popup dialog box, click the "Get Noise Profile" button.

How do you get rid of background color?

Select the picture again. Press the "Picture Tools" option to open the menu. 4. Select the "Format" tab and click the "Background Removal" option on the far left side of the menu bar. 5. Move your mouse onto one of the small boxes around the square that appears on the picture. Drag the boxes until the image you want to keep is inside the square.

How do you make background transparent online?

Once the area you want to make transparent is selected, click Layer > Transparency, then select Add Alpha Channel. Click Edit and then select Clear or press Ctrl+K. The selected portion should now appear as a checkered background indicating it is transparent.

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