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Frequently Asked Questions

What is BGF?

BGF | Growth funding for ambitious businesses A different way forward Growth capital for brilliant businesses Growth funding that’s different by design

Where are the BGF offices located?

Its offices are located in London, Bristol, Reading, Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Northern Ireland and Dublin. BGF is also the largest source of patient capital dedicated to small and medium-sized companies based in Ireland.

What is the BGF talent network?

The BGF Talent Network, one of the largest pools of board-level non-executives in the UK and Ireland, surpassed 6,000 members in 2020. Our network is able to support companies with ad hoc advice, commercial insight and interim leadership. Each introduction is carefully researched and considered to ensure the best person for the job is put forward.

Where are BGF products made?

In 1988, BGF became a subsidiary of the Porcher Groupe of Badinieres, France. Today, with sales of over $150M, BGF employs 800 people at six facilities in three states. Our manufacturing facilities are located in Virginia and South Carolina and our Corporate Headquarters and R&D facility is located in Danville, VA.

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