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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the word bindle mean?

The term bindle may descend from the German/Yiddish word Bündel, meaning something wrapped up in a blanket and bound by cord for carrying (cf. originally Middle Dutch "bundle"), or have arisen as a portmanteau of "bind" and "spindle".

What does the name bindle mean?

The definition of bindle is a slang term for a bundle of bedding carried by a hobo. A bundle of blankets and bedding carried by a homeless person is an example of a bindle. (now Scots) Any given length of cord, rope, twine, etc, used to bind something.

What is the noun for bindle?

Noun. ( en noun ) A group of objects held together by wrapping or tying. a bundle''' of straw or of paper; a '''bundle of old clothes. * Goldsmith. The fable of the rods, which, when united in a bundle , no strength could bend. A package wrapped or tied up for carrying.

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