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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to calculate your body fat percentage?

Body Fat Percentage Formulas. The most commonly used estimation formula in body fat percentage calculations is the U.S. Navy fitness formula. Body Fat Percentage Formula. Body Fat (women) = 495 / (1.29579 - .35004 * log10(Waist + Hip - Neck) + 0.22100 * log10(Height)) - 450.

What is the formula to calculate body fat percentage?

Formula to Calculate Body Fat. There are many different formulas for calculating the results of the caliper's measurement. One often used formula reads thusly: (0.1548 x sum of triceps, chest, back, abdominal, thigh, calf) + 3.580 = Body Fat %.

How to calculate body fat percentage accurately?

The easiest way to measure your body fat percentage is to use a scale or handheld device. They’re quick and easy but what you gain in convenience you lose in accuracy. These devices use a method called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which measures your body’s resistance to a light electrical current.

How do you determine body fat percentage?

Divide your body fat mass by your total body weight and multiply by 100 to calculate your percent body fat. In the example, 31.9 divided by 180 and multiplied by 100 calculates your percent body fat of 17.7 percent. Men and women differ in the amount of acceptable body fat.

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