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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find all my bookmarks?

The Library window lets you view and organize all your bookmarks. Click the , then click . Scroll to the bottom and click . By default, the bookmarks you make will be located in theOther Bookmarks folder. Select it in the sidebar of the Library window to see the bookmarks you've made.

Are bookmarks and favorites the same thing?

Favorites and Bookmarks are the same thing. Microsoft calls them favorites, other companies call them bookmarks. Internet Explorer/Edge have the "Favorites bar" where you can put the shortcuts to sites (the favorites), while other companies call the same toolbar a "Bookmarks bar", but they are quite literally the same thing.

Where can I Find my bookmarks?

If you have imported your bookmarks from another browser, they may appear in the Bookmarks menu in a specific folder. To find your imported bookmarks, do the following: Click the , then click . Scroll to the bottom and click . Click the Bookmarks button and select to open the Library window.

How do you open bookmarks?

Right-click on the folder in the Bookmarks menu or toolbar, and select Open All in Tabs. If you literally want to open every single bookmark: use Ctrl+Shift+B to open the Bookmark Library. type a space in the Search Bookmarks box. click on an item in the list below and use Ctrl+A to select all.

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