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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bosniak classification still used in 2019?

New Bosniak classification 2019. 2 years ago uroradiology. For more than 30 years, the Bosniak classification has been used to stratify the risk of malignancy in cystic renal masses. Although it is widely used and still effective, the classification does not formally incorporate masses identified at MRI or US or masses that are incompletely ...

What is the Bosniak classification for cystic renal masses?

The Bosniak classification stratifies the risk of malignancy in cystic renal masses. However, no established definition reliably distinguishes a “cystic” mass from a “solid” one.

What is Bosniak IIF classification?

(Note that if no enhancing features had been identified, the mass would be classified as Bosniak IIF in the 2019 classification because of its heterogeneous hyperintensity at fat-saturated T1-weighted MRI.) sd = Standard deviation. Figure 6d: Images in 68-year-old man with an indeterminate left renal mass.

What are the characteristics of Bosniak 2?

Bosniak 2. minimally complex a few thin <1 mm septa or thin calcifications (thickness not measurable); non-enhancing high-attenuation (due to proteinaceous or haemorrhagic contents) renal lesions <3 cm. these lesions are generally well marginated. work-up: none.

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