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Frequently Asked Questions

What health problems do Boston Terriers have?

Most Common Health Problems. 1 – Eye Problems. Because of their large and protruding eyes, Boston Terriers are susceptible to many eye problems including : Cataracts, Corneal Ulcers, Corneal Dystrophy, Glaucoma, Cherry Eye, Distichiasis, Keratitis Sicca and Entropion.

What are the health risks of a Boston Terrier?

Common Boston Terrier Health Issues Breathing Problems With Boston Terriers. This is a common health problem with Boston Terriers. ... Boston Terrier Eye Problems. One of the most noticeable traits of a Boston Terrier is their protruding eyes. ... Skin Problems With Boston Terriers From Allergies. ... Knee Problems Called Luxating Patella. ...

Why do Boston Terriers get eye infections?

One is caused by trauma to the cornea of the dog's eye. This is common in Boston terriers due to the size and prominence of their eyes. The other type of corneal ulcers is caused by a hereditary condition called corneal dystrophy. The second type is particularly hard to treat, in addition to being very painful for your dog.

Are Boston Terriers prone to heart problems?

All breeds of dogs have their own unique characteristics, both positive and negative, and Boston terriers are no exception. Bostons are loyal, sweet, strong and intelligent. Unfortunately, these little guys are also prone to some nasty heart conditions , including heart failure.

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