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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right bouquet for your wedding?

Why Do Brides Carry Flowers And How To Choose The Perfect Wedding BouquetTo Get Rid Of The Smell. In the early 15th century, brides had a very different odor; and it wasn’t right. ...Banishing Bad Spirits. ...Making The Newly Wed Couple Frisky. ...Sending A Sweet Message. ...Prortecting The Bride. ...Make Sure To Choose The Right Size. ...Color Is Key. ...Make It Personal. ...Co Ordinate With Your Wedding Style. ...Choose A Bouquet That Is Easily To Hold. ...

How to personalize your wedding bouquet?

For a more subtle bouquet, choose colors similar to your wedding gown's. Avoid identical shades and consider including accent colors. ...A bouquet of similar colors and shades is the easiest to put together. A classic bouquet uses white, cream, peach, and light pink flowers.Complementary colors make a pleasing bouquet. ...

How to make a wedding rehearsal bouquet?

Wrap the plate with coordinating tissue paper first.Then, add batting (like that from a pillow) between the plate and the tissue paper. ...Start with the large bows in the center. ...Use hot glue liberally.Don’t hot glue your fingers together.Don’t ask me how I know.If you are ambitious, try making rosettes from long strands of ribbon. ...More items...

How many still do bouquet and garter toss?

Like many traditions, the bouquet and garter toss are slowly being replaced by more all-inclusive wedding reception activities. In the last five years, we have noted a decline in these long-standing traditions and estimate the frequency of bouquet and garter tosses to be approximately 50 percent.

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