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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the University Hospital Brno Centrum open to foreigners?

Our activities are open for foreigners as well as institutions and the general public. All our events are for free. The Center is a very useful organization which has helped the University Hospital Brno Centrum on many occasions in dealing with foreigners.

Why move to Brno?

If you're looking for a genuine Czech experience away from the tourist-heavy streets of Prague, Brno offers excellent opportunities. And at InterNations, our social network provides excellent tools for making connections with fellow expats and adjusting to the way of life in this captivating Czech city.

Who are our members in Brno?

Our member base comprises a diverse mix of expats living and working in Brno, all of whom can offer valuable insights into the way of life in the city.

How good is BEC Brno as a travel partner?

Carefully chosen, relevant content for your life in Brno will be delivered directly to your inbox. For your happy landing in the city. Absolutely great, it feels so nice to get some good help with all this bureaucratic stuff. And it just calms the two of us down a lot. BEC has been an integral partner with us.

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