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Frequently Asked Questions

What is caddytrek R2?

The most compact and lightweight, electric golf push cart that follows you hands-free. It’s the “Smart” caddy! Original CaddyTrek R2 comes in black or candy apple red.

Why choose a caddytrek golf course?

CaddyTrek promotes sound health, improve your condition through walking the course, as CaddyTrek does the “heavy lifting”. Experience the game as it was intended, while staying fit, strong and active.

Where is caddytrek made?

Originally established in Wakefield, Massachusetts, FTR Systems began shipping its first CaddyTrek product in 2011. In 2012, the company moved its headquarters to Las Vegas, Nevada to design, assemble, and distribute its unique and innovative electric mobility products.

What is the caddytrek multi-mode handset?

CaddyTrek gives players options with its multi-mode handset. Players can operate CaddyTrek in march, follow, remote or like a manual push cart. See CaddyTrek in action and what it will do for you!

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