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Frequently Asked Questions

What political party are Camden Layton and Colleen Wachenfeld?

Colleen Wachenfeld and Camden Layton both list in their bios that they work for Virginia Democrats, which is the official Democrat Party organization in the state.

Who is Tom Layton?

As a senior Public Administration major in the Schar School of Policy and Government, Layton has found his calling in higher-education policy. “After taking interim president Anne Holton’s education policy course, I realized my passion for improving the quality of student life and education on campus,” he said.

What does Layton plan to do as student body president?

In addition to dealing with the daily dilemmas and dramas thrust upon him as Mason’s student body president, Layton plans to improve the school’s relationship with the community, protect minority students, and push the administration to take more rigorous action against sexual assault on campus.

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