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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to rent camping gear?

With multiple locations in three prime southern states, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, Mountain High Outfitters is the gear rental company for whatever southern adventure you’re planning. In addition to tents, backpacks, and other typical camping gear rental items, Mountain High Outfitters rents directly from select stores.

How to buy camping equipment and hiking gear?

How to Buy Camping Equipment and Hiking Gear Only Buy Outdoor Gear You Need. New campers are often tempted to load up on gear - which they then have to schlep up and down a mountain. Buy Used Camping Equipment. Hikers are a friendly, hand-me-down kind of bunch. ... If You Must Buy New Hiking Gear, Buy Local. ... Look Beyond Name Brands. ... Be Careful With Online Reviews. ... Outdoor Equipment to Splurge On. ...

Does Rei rent camping equipment?

REI also is allowing shoppers to rent camping gear, backpacking kits, snowshoes, skis and snowboards at 115 of its 154 stores. REI began expanding its rental program in December, by offering snowshoe rental at 85 locations, up from 35. To date, REI has rented nearly twice as many units versus this time period in 2018, the spokeswoman says.

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