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Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays Carlise in Twilight?

Peter Facinelli (born November 26, 1973) is an American actor and producer. He starred as Donovan "Van" Ray on the Fox series Fastlane from 2002 to 2003. He played Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the film adaptations of the Twilight novel series, and is also known for his role as Mike Dexter in the 1998 film Can't Hardly Wait.

Who plays Carlise's wife in Twilight?

Peter Facinelli plays Carlisle in the Twilight film series. Esme Cullen. Esme Cullen (born Esme Platt and later Esme Evenson) is Carlisle Cullen's wife and the adoptive mother of Edward, Emmett and Alice Cullen, as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale. She enjoys restoring old houses and her physical age is 26.

Who is Esme and Carlisle in Twilight?

Carlisle and Esme are the parents while Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, Alice, and Jasper are their adopted children. Yet there are many things that fans may not know about the Cullens, including Esme, the matriarch of the family. True fans, however, will likely know this information due to their dedication to the story.

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