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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is cashcash converters?

Cash Converters is a diverse Group generating revenues from franchising, store operations, personal finance and vehicle finance. From its head-office in Perth, Western Australia the Company controls 700 stores across 16 countries, helping customers meet their financial needs. Focus on meeting the cash needs of a growing, under-serviced market.

Why make a payment at Cash Converters?

Make a Payment At Cash Converters, we make more of the things you want possible. Like being able to buy that thing you want for less. Or being able to sell that thing you don’t want for instant cash, so you can get something you do want. Or making it possible to borrow up to five thousand dollars.

Does the sun set on the Cash Converters store network?

Spread across both hemispheres and multiple time zones, the sun never sets on Cash Converters’ store network.

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