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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gilgamesh's weaknesses?

Weaknesses: Gilgamesh primarily fights as a Caster instead of using his powers as an Archer. As such, he does not utilize the Gate of Babylon to bombard his enemies or use Enkidu and Ea unless he has to. He cannot fight in Spirit Form.

What is the relationship between Gilgamesh and Archer like?

When Archer threatens Gilgamesh, he takes the threat at face value and doesn't retort, which is also jarringly uncharacteristic of him, but it confirms just how much begrudging respect he has for Archer. While Gilgamesh is scared of Archer, on the flip side, this means that he holds in relative high regard.

Why is Enkidu considered better than caster Gil?

Alcides by contrast did very well against Archer Gilgamesh, and scaling from Gil is why Enkidu is considered impressive. Granted, Caster Gil is less arrogant so he'll try firing at areas the pelt doesn't cover (the Nemean Lion's Pelt rejects everything from human history.

How powerful is living Gil compared to caster Gil?

Living Gil should be more powerful than Caster Gil, and even then he was still only able to walk away from his battle with Kingu because Kingu was messed up mentally. And the Kingu that fought Gil didn’t get as serious as SF Enkidu, who Alcides should be comparable too via his battle against Archer Gilgamesh.

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