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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is industrial caster&wheel co?

Founded in 1966 and with many years of caster experience, Industrial Caster & Wheel Co. has remained a leader and innovator in caster manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

What are the different types of casters and wheels?

“Quality without Compromise” is our motto. Use our menu at the top of each page to find the casters and/or wheels you are looking for. Included are stainless, pneumatic, stem (threaded stem and expanding rubber stem ), swivel, rigid, locking, total locking, replacement, chair and furniture casters.

Can I customize the casters on my vehicle?

You can customize many of our casters with a variety of options such as swivel locks, wheel brakes and zerk fittings. Click on Industry Specialty Casters for our products chosen for specific applications.

Why work at California caster?

At California Caster, the health, safety and well-being of all who work for us is of paramount importance.

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