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Frequently Asked Questions

How to check programs running in the background?

Start in the taskbar notification area (with all icons always displayed) for a quick sense of some of the applications running in the background. Then, using Task Manager's "Process" view, you can see a more complete list of applications currently running.

Do Colleges conduct background checks?

Many colleges use the Common Application, which has a self disclosure question asking about an applicant's criminal past. This might be the only "background check" a college does, as only 20% of colleges say they conduct more formal background screenings. That said, it's not recommended to lie on your application.

What is a basic background check?

A Basic Employment Background Check uses the minimum sources to find the most common problems. A Basic Background Check is the minimum information you should verify on an applicant, even when you are limited by budget or other constraints.

Does a background check include a credit check?

Not all background checks include credit checks. For example, unless a job position entails the employee's handling large sums of cash or accessing sensitive company financial records, an employment background check most likely would not include a credit check. On the other hand, tenant and business background checks typically include credit checks.

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