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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is corn boss in Castle Crashers?

Corn Boss is the twenty-eighth level in Castle Crashers. Here, the player(s) will be confronted by the Corn Boss in order to retrieve the Horn which will allow them to open the entrance to the Flooded Temple. The fight takes place on a clearing in the middle of the peasants' cornfield, where the Corn Boss has taken over a barn to make it his home.

When was Castle Crashers released?

It was released for the Xbox 360 on August 27, 2008. On July 23, 2009 The Behemoth announced that Castle Crashers would be coming to the PlayStation Network. The game was released on the PlayStation 3 in North America on August 31, 2010, and in Europe on November 3, 2010.

Is Castle Crashers on PC?

Castle Crashers for PC, includes two game modes, one co-op in which you can play four characters , via the same computer or over the Internet. In solo mode, you'll have to choose one of the twenty characters that the game offers you, and with it go through hundreds of scenarios, where you can defeat your enemies.

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