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Frequently Asked Questions

What can castle learning do for You?

Students receive real time results. Teachers know how each student is performing, while reducing time grading and assessing. That means more time to focus on students. Castle Learning is continuously adding and aligning questions in Math, English, Science and Social Studies. Determine achievement by Core or State standards.

How do I contact Castle learning support?

Live Chat: Sign In to your Castle Learning account and look for the “Online – Click here to chat ” pop up in the bottom right corner. We’re here for you! The Castle Learning Support team is committed to a students’ achievement, which means we do everything we can to support and empower the teachers and administrators who use our product.

How did castle learning work with classlink to create LTI?

Ron and Deanna at Castle Learning conferenced with ClassLink to share the data needed to create the LTI application. A follow-up call between me, Ron and Deanna established the data link, verified the data format, and addressed basic questions.

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