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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Castrol India Limited customer service?

Customers are requested to contact Castrol India Limited at call center 1800-222-100 /1800-209-8100 / 1800-223-733 / 1800-209-9800 should they wish to pay Castrol India Limited using any of the prescribed electronic modes. Mumbai - 400083.

What is @Castrol?

Castrol provides all the oils, fluids and lubricants the world needs, for every driver, every rider and every industry. The names of all nominees during our National Mechanics’ Month campaign were proudly displayed on M-Sport Ford WRC cars. You can now purchase official Castrol Merchandise from our retail store.

Why choose Castrol premium Lube Express?

Every Castrol Premium Lube Express is individually owned and operated to the highest standards of customer service. We strive to provide every guest with a comfortable and professional experience. Find articles from the industry's experts on everything from better mileage to better performance.

What is Castrol engine shampoo?

CASTROL’S MOTORSPORT PARTNERSHIPS ARE FUNDAMENTAL TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR PRODUCTS AND RELATIONSHIPS WITH CAR MANUFACTURERS. Castrol Engine Shampoo is a pre-oil change treatment that helps maintain the cleanliness and efficient operation of your car engine. Castrol is here to serve every driver, every motorcyclist and every industry on earth.

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