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Frequently Asked Questions

How can bias be harmful?

It can be dangerous because it can lead to decisions and judgments that are not rational or logical. Furthermore, bias can cause people to act in ways that are harmful to themselves and others. It can also lead to discrimination in the workplace.

What are some common types of bias?

There are two main types of bias to be aware of, conscious bias and unconscious bias. Conscious bias is sometimes known as explicit bias. This is a type of bias that you are aware of. The bias is happening consciously, in that you know you are being biased and are acting with intent.

How can we prevent implicit bias?

Implicit biases impact behavior, but there are things that you can do to reduce your own bias: Focus on seeing people as individuals. Rather than focusing on stereotypes to define people, spend time considering them on a more personal, individual level. Work on consciously changing your stereotypes.

What are some common biases that affect decision-making?

Cognitive biases may help people make quicker decisions, but those decisions aren’t always accurate. Some common reasons why include flawed memory, scarce attention, natural limits on the brain’s ability to process information, emotional input, social pressures, and even aging.

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