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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the setting of changing places?

Changing Places is a comic novel with serious undercurrents. It tells the story of the six-month academic exchange programme between fictional universities located in Rummidge (modelled on Birmingham in England) and Plotinus, in the state of Euphoria (modeled on Berkeley in California).

What is the subtitle of changing places?

Changing Places (1975) is the first " campus novel " by British novelist David Lodge. The subtitle is "A Tale of Two Campuses", and thus both the title and subtitle are literary allusions to Charles Dickens ' A Tale of Two Cities.

Is the change-up a body-swap movie?

They play best friends, with Reynolds as a carefree bachelor and Bateman as a stressed family man, who switch places after urinating in a magic fountain. Unlike some body-swap movies that go for the sweet and family-friendly approach, The Change-Up leans into its R-rating with plenty of vulgar and gross-out humor.

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