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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a toilet brush holder?

A toilet brush holder resists corrosion, so the chemicals for cleaning the bowl do not eat away at the plastic or brushed chrome of the toilet bowl brush or its holder. How do you clean a toilet brush and brush holder?

What kind of toilet brush do I need for my toilet?

CRAVE Silicone Toilet Brush with Holder Set and Toilet Storage Compartment for Toilet Accessories. Grey Toilet Brush and Holder with Long Handled Flexible Toilet Cleaner Brush Flooring/Wallmount. . .

How much does a plastic toilet brush cost?

Plus, the brush heads are not replaceable, so expect to replace the entire toilet brush itself every year or so. Dimensions: 17 x 4 x 4.25 inches | Weight: 0.7 pounds | Material: Plastic | Color: White At just over $6, the Mainstays Basic Plastic Toilet Brush is an incredible deal. It has a tapered brush head and a cover for the holder.

Can a toilet brush mount on the wall?

For a sleek toilet brush that can mount on the wall, the ASOBEAGE Drying Toilet Brush Set fits the bill. The brush head is made of flexible silicone, which allows it to be sleeker and narrower than a traditional round brush. The canister vents from the top and bottom, making it perfect for hanging on the wall.

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