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Frequently Asked Questions

What's happening at the Cheeseburger festival?

This year’s Cheeseburger Festival will conclude with a firework show that will illuminate the Friona sky. Not only will residents get to see a wonderful firework show, but patriotic music will be playing the background to help fuel and ignite your patriotic spirit!

Where is the Friona Farmer’s market?

WEDNESDAY, JULY 17TH, 2019 View fullsize Local Farmer’s Market & Crafts Coordinated By: Local Farmers Wednesday - Friday (6-9 PM), Friona City Park, 700 Main Street Local farmers and craft enthusiast will be selling their finely designed foods and crafts directly to you!

What is the city of Friona doing for Family Night?

The City of Friona Public Works Department has put together a night to enjoy the weather while enjoying a family-friendly movie in our city park! This will be an opportunity to spend the night with your family while relaxing and snacking on items being sold by local vendors. THURSDAY, JULY, 18TH,2019 View fullsize Video Game Challenge

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